Great Book--Grace Upon Grace

CPH has published a great book by John Klenig entitled Grace Upon Grace: Spirituality for Today. (click here) I just started reading the book and I am quite pleased with the content. It is an excellent book which speaks to the practical question of the shape of our piety. According to the author, it is not a book intended as an introduction to the faith, but rather, is intended for those who are well-grounded in the faith. As I have gotten through the first quarter of the book, I would agree with this assessment, and think that it would be a good book to use in a class after catechism, to further ground people into the life of a disciple.

I have to thank CPH for producing such great materials as of the last 6+ years. Before that, theological works were few and hard to come by. But they have been doing a great job with things like works from Gerhard, Klenig, Pless, Chemnitz et al. I pray that this will continue.

Thanks CPH! Thanks to Dr Klenig! Thanks be to God for this rich food!