Education and Technology

Here is a great quotation from T David Gordon on Education and Technology/Tools. We often think that the matter, education, will be accomplished by technique or a tool, when education is a matter that requires more than a machine...

Here is the quote from T David Gordon's Why Johnny Can't Sing Hymns-

"As an academic, for instance, I am frequently exposed to pamphlets, seminars, or 'special' presentations about some product or another that is touted as 'The Future of Education,' as one mechanical messiah after another is paraded before a dubious faculty on the ostensible ground that it will make our students more learned, but on the actual (albeit unstated) ground that it will make the manufacturer more wealthy.

"Not one of these ingenious gewgaws addresses the fundamental reality that many educators since Socrates have recognized: namely, that the barrier to education is the student himself-his parochialism, his laziness, his reluctance to abandon his current viewpoints, his resistance to disciplined intellectual effort, his complacent self-satisfaction with his present attainment and understanding. Nearly every capable educator in the history of the human race has realized that the least important thing we educators do is disseminate information, which is (especially now) widely available in less expensive formats. What capable educators have always attempted to do is to infect their students with a love of learning and a hatred of parochialism. The goal of every good educator is, and always has been, for our students to rediscover what they all knew intuitively as young children: the innocent and thrilling joy of discovery and understanding (a joy ordinarily crushed by compulsory education). As best, tools can assist those who already possess this love of learning, but no inanimate tool can or ever will infect a human with such love." [P &R Publishing, New Jersey, 2010, pgs 108-109]